Renting finally done right for everybody!

We have created the ultimate, easy to use Property Management software System that lets you do less work, experience far less inconvenience, while maximizing the earnings of your properties.

Calonex® gives the Private Landlord complete insider information on the rental, financial, and work histories of every rental applicant. Never again sign a lease with a renter who disappoints and leaves you with big expenses.

Easily allow tenants to make payments while never having to meet anyone or accept cash. It’s the safest, easiest way to operate during COVID-19.

Easily manage multiple properties entirely from your phone. No need to drive to the office or fire up your home PC. Run your properties from anywhere, even while traveling.

Private Landlord
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With Calonex® you will:

Official Beta Launch on November 14, 2021! Pre-sign up special! Receive these exciting FREE BONUSES

Receive 20% – 40% off regular price to sign up! and at no cost the complete Calonex Landlord Library E-Packet with:

  • Landlords Screen Your Tenants with helpful screening tips
  • Top 10 New York Rules Every Landlord Must Know
  • 10 Costliest Landlord Mistakes

Yours FREE when you purchase a 3 year or higher plan. This offer expires October 29 2021. Order Calonex® now and save!