About Us

Why Calonex®?

Calonex® has a combined over 20 years of real-estate  experience with the ups and downs of being a Landlord, tenant and Broker. The team felt that there was a better way to operate in the Land lord/ tenant relationship, and that all parties can benefit. 

With that though; this team of experts in Real – Estate, Computer science and Marketing formed Calonex®. Not just for your high end Property management company, but for the nurse working 12 hour shifts that rents out her rooms to support her house hold, or retired plumber that rents a room to give him a little extra per month.

We developed a system that is easy to use and scalable from the room renter to the 1000 unit building in downtown NYC

We also developed our Calonex® Score for applicants. It is the most accurate in the industry. It takes into consideration past rental history, problems, employment and more. You instantly get a complete, accurate view of the applicant.


Learn about judgments, evictions, deposits returned, amount owed, delinquencies, dates collected, times rent was paid on time, and more.

Any experienced manager or owner can instantly judge the quality of the applicant.

This is especially fast, easy, and convenient to do from your phone. It takes just seconds and a few glances to instantly have an excellent understanding of every applicant’s rental history.

Make far fewer mistakes because you didn’t have the right data. Leave the guess work out of renting. Improve profits while reducing expenses and the amount of work you have to do each day. Life becomes more enjoyable.

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