Calonex® is Packed with Benefits to Make Every Landlord's Life Much Easier and More Successful

It’s the complete software platform to help run your business, screen applicants, sign great tenants, collect rents online with late fees added, store important documents, and much more.

Now you can easily run your business entirely from your phone. It’s the mobile friendly platform that lets you easily manage your properties away from the office, while traveling, or while running your other businesses.

This is everything you need to operate your real estate rental business efficiently with greater accuracy and far less work. Take the stress out of being a landlord with Calonex®.

For years small real estate investors have told us about the challenges of being a landlord. Owning even a single rental home can turn into a full time job. Between screening tenants, presenting contracts, collecting rents, dealing with evictions and damage, keeping up with profits and losses, and storing important documents – it could take hours every week to be far more work than you intended.

use the latest technology to handle much of your work, give you more time to enjoy life the way you want, and help your business succeed with greater profits and fewer time consuming expenses.

  • Calonex® delivers reports direct to your phone. Run your business from anywhere with far more convenience and faster decisions.
  • Detailed Tenant Screening goes much deeper than credit scores. Applicants are assigned much more accurate Calonex® Scores that give you a complete picture.
  • Get more information about an applicant’s past ability to pay rent on time, whether deposits were returned and more.
  • Approve great applicants immediately for far more profitable sign-ups. Calonex® makes it easy to fill your rental properties with hard working tenants who require very little attention. Your properties become problem free to be the big earners you dreamed of.
  • Calonex® lets your tenants pay rent online without having to come into your office. It even applies late fees automatically when needed. This frees you from personal contact during times when viruses can be a concern.
  • Get complete income and expense reports that let you keep tabs on your operation. Always see the big picture that empowers you make wise decisions to move your company forward.
  • Easily store important documents online. This creates less paperwork for you without physical storage demands. Always have the documents you need, when you need them, sent to your phone.
  • Easy to use, intuitive, with smooth operation. We designed Calonex® for landlords, not software engineers. It’s easy to operate without the difficult learning curve of other software.
  • The affordable way to supercharge your business. Now your rental operation can work fast and more smoothly without all the problems and challenges you’ve been dealing with.

Save time, save money, do less work while increasing income and profits. Calonex® gives every landlord the rich benefits you need to take your success to the next level. Your future is bright with Calonex®. Get started now.