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Welcome to what Transunion, Experian and Equifax won't do!
Welcome to Calonex ®

Since 2011 rental property has become much more important. A greater segment of the population now rents homes, apartments, condos and more. Not only is this an historic change of impressive proportion, the economy seems to be rapidly advancing toward even more demand for rental housing.

But the renting game can be tricky in this environment. Did you know if your a Landlord of a 100 units or less the credit beaus will not receive your report:

“The three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, allow high-volume landlords to report their rental payments directly to the credit bureaus each month…. TransUnion, for example, requires that you have at least 100 accounts before you can report tenant data.”

– Jayne Thompson SFGATE

This does not work for every Landlord, especially the “Mom & Pop” Landlords who have 1 room, 1 unit, duplex. triplex, multi unit home etc. 

Our easy to use Calonex® reporting just simply records the tenant behavior from them paying you on Calonex®. Did they pay on time ( on the date you both agreed upon)? Did they default? Did they return the deposit? Just the facts. Technically Credit bureaus record opinions, we record the hard information and the Landlord can interpret the information according to their policy.



Rental Credit score is a thing

The Calonex® Score will:

  • Show payment history
  • Show good payment behavior
  • Show deposit 
  • Work Status
  • Show time length at residence
  • Display Defaults


By putting all the management tools and capabilities you need in one software platform available to your phone, you can do more, enjoy unprecedented accuracy, and all without spending so much time on tedious management chores.

In short, you can now run several properties in less time than it would normally take you to manage a single rental property. Calonex® gives you fast, thorough applicant screening, easy access to important documents securely stored in the cloud, let tenants pay rent online with late fees automatically added, run income and expense reports, and much more.

We built Calonex® from the ground up to be the perfect management tool for individual property owners. This is just what you need to run your single rent house or multi-family complex. In fact, Calonex® is so easy to use and filled with the features you need that you can now buy more and run more with exceptional ease.

Take advantage of this golden time to own rental properties. Manage more units, expand profits, and do it all with far less work than before.