Calonex® Makes Life Easier for Private Landlords

Now quickly access applicant reports from your phone and accept rent payments automatically.

Calonex® is the robust, very easy to use online platform that makes your job as landlord much faster and more productive. great for the Private Landlord.

We have centralized all the various tasks and reports you need in one easy to use app. Do everything from track leases to communicate with tenants to collect rents automatically online with late fees added.

Plus Calonex® delivers complete income and expense reports, stores important documents, and does in-depth background and credit checks on applicants.

You get better tenants, fill more of your units, spend less time on landlord duties, decrease expenses, and grow your profits.

Tailor Made for Private Landlords

We built Calonex© from the ground up for the small to medium sized rental real estate operation. It’s ideal for the solo operator who owns one rent house or multi-family unit.

It’s also a huge help to anyone who owns and operates several rental properties. The great thing about Calonex® is it lets anyone scale their business. Now you can own more, rent more, and quickly expand earnings while working less than you do currently.

Calonex Lets You Do More

The real estate rental economy is exploding. Over the past decade there has been a major transition to renting homes, apartments, and condos. Rental units are in limited supply in many regions. Rents are rising rapidly year after year.

Most experts agree this is the best time in years for real estate investors. It is the ideal time to streamline your business, make it more efficient, and take on more rental properties.

Calonex® lets you grow without doing more work. Go ahead and add a new property or two, then watch as our full featured real estate management program lets you get more accomplished with greater accuracy and improved success.

All reports can be delivered direct to your phone for faster decisions and answers to inquiries.

Get a Full Picture of Applicants

A credit score only tells you so much. Calonex® digs much deeper to report on current and past employment, rent payment history, and negative events that could signal future problems. Our much richer Calonex® Score gives you the clearer picture you need to always make the right decision.

It’s much easier to know in advance if an applicant will be a problem tenant who makes rent collections a hassle. Also know when an applicant with past problems is now back on the right track and would be an excellent tenant today.

Get Your Life Back

Managing rental properties can be a time consuming task. You’ve got to do background checks on applicants, take care of financial decisions and keep the books, stay after tenants about rent payments, and much more.

Calonex® helps you do these things far more efficiently with much less time spent. Our intuitive interface is easy to use. You won’t have to stay up nights studying the manual or watching tutorials. You go right to work with a smartly designed real estate management system that fits seamlessly with your business.

Calonex® gives you more free time to enjoy retirement, travel, run your other businesses, or spend additional time with family and hobbies.

Get Started Now

Why wait? Sign up now to use Calonex’s® smart features that let you get much more accomplished without all the hassle and worry. Designed by real estate experts for landlord operations of all sizes. It’s the advanced management system that grows with your business.