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Calonex Is Your Perfect Lease Management Assistant

Property Lease Agreement can be a full-time job, even when you own just one or two rental properties. Researching applicants, keeping track of leases, collecting rent, generating accurate financial reports, and keeping up with mortgage payments can all be time consuming and often difficult.

Calonex® was designed from the start to be exactly what Lease Management offices need most. You get a full featured real estate management platform that is easy to use, reliable, and gives you the detailed results you need.

Best of all, Calonex® is easy to use. It requires minimal actions and has a very fast learning curve. It’s highly intuitive to be an instant asset for anyone managing rental properties.

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Go Mobile for Ultimate Convenience

Our mobile app lets you enjoy all the robust features of Calonex® direct from your phone. This lets you get past rental, work, and credit reports on applicants from anywhere.

At your property talking to an applicant? Quickly access the information you need to approve their application on the spot. Never again let a great prospect get away and jump to the competition because you couldn’t locate their credit history fast enough.

  • Calonex® lets you get a detailed Calonex® score for every applicant. Our system goes deep to analyze past rental history, if deposits were returned, work history, and credit scores. You get the most complete applicant report available for better, more reliable decisions.
  • Store lease agreements and other important documents securely in the cloud. Now you can access important papers from you phone or laptop from anywhere – at your property, on the road, at home!
  • Generate financial reports including expense and income quickly and easily. This can be a big help to the small investor with one or two properties. It can be ideal for larger lease management businesses who need detailed reports to forward to your accountants.
  • Accept rent payments online with late fees automatically applied. This makes rent payments much easier for tenants who are far more likely to complete payments on time without having to drive to your office or put a check in the mail. Late fees can automatically be applied when needed.
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Taking Management Software to a Higher Level

Landlord software has been around for over 30 years. Earlier programs were often hard to use with limited benefits. For most of its history, you had to be at your desktop computer to use the software.

Calonex® takes real estate software to a much higher level. You get a reliable, very easy to use platform that is filled with exactly the helpful features you need. Data and documents are securely stored in the cloud where their level of safety is the highest possible.

Use Calonex® on your phone app from anywhere. It’s super simple to call up reports, get insights, harvest rich information, and access documents you need to do business on the spot.

Calonex® makes lease management much easier and less time consuming. Get started now with the ultimate, easy to use real estate management platform. Save time, work less, make more money with Calonex®.