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Easily Keep Track of Financials with Calonex

Calonex Rental Management System features rich tracking of expenses and income. Check details at any time from anywhere all from the Calonex app on your phone.

Having constant access to financials helps you always see the big picture of how your business is performing. It’s easy to lose track of expenses when things are moving quickly. There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling when you finally have time to add up spending and see it has far outpaced income.

Calonex financials keep your business healthy with the accurate information you need to reduce expenses and increase profits. It’s the helpful assistant platform to make your real estate investments a breeze to operate.

Calonex financial reports are ideal for the owner with one or two properties you are operating on the side. Now have accurate numbers for doing taxes, gauging success, and supplying financials to your accountant.

It also ideal for larger rental operations and apartment complexes. Calonex makes it easier and more efficient to handle big jobs.

Our secure online platform keeps your information safely in the cloud where it can be shared with employees or outside accounting firm.

Get started now with Calonex with robust financial reports.