Real Estate Brokers

Calonex Rental Management System for Real Estate Brokers

Running your real estate business requires a broad array of responsibilities. Make success easier with Calonex®, the rich, full featured online platform that helps you keep track of financials, do background checks on applicants, collect rents, add late fees automatically, and efficiently store important documents and leases.

Improved Efficiency

In the past you needed an entire team of experienced employees to interview applicants, process rent payments, execute leases, and collect and compile expense and income data. If you wanted to check their work or get an update, you had to call and talk to several workers or drive back to the office.

With Calonex®, you can do all of the above and more entirely on your phone. Our convenient mobile app lets you get everything from detailed background checks on applicants to storing and retrieving important documents to complete expense and income financial reports plus more.

Calonex® is the ultimate real estate assistant that makes each day easier, more efficient, and ever more profitable.

Get the Rich Information You Need

Unlike older software of the past that had to be run on a desktop with limited features, Calonex® runs online from a secure system in the cloud. Access your account from anywhere – at home, on the road, on vacation, at properties, anywhere!

Our Calonex® Score for applicants checks goes much deeper than standard credit checks. Instantly learn of judgments, evictions, deposits returned, amount owed, delinquencies, dates collected, times rent was paid on time, and more.

Now you can easily avoid applicants who have a clear history of causing problems. You can also have the complete information to approve applicants who may have had problems in the past, but more recently have become good renters who always pay on time and take care of property.

Most important, you get quick answers so you can sign a great applicant on the sport. There is no need to wait days. Run the Calonex® check from the property, your car, or your home. Give applicants a quick response that prevents them from switching to a competitor.

Streamline Business

If you are looking for smart ways to streamline your business, Calonex® is the intelligent answer. Now fewer people can get more work done with less stress and fewer tasks that must be completed.

It’s easy to keep track of, store, and retrieve important documents securely available on the Calonex® cloud. There is no need to drive back to the office to hunt through file folders, hoping the lease you want wasn’t misfiled somewhere. Bring up the document you need in an instant.

Now always have the information you require at your fingertips. Our system is secure to effectively prevent risks.

This is the complete real estate rental management system that will help you improve income while running a much more efficient and less costly operation. It can be a great help to real estate professionals working under you. Now give them the helpful technology they need to increase income and reach goals.

Get started with Calonex® now.