Tenant Benefits

Calonex Lets You Thrill Tenants with Rich Options Renters Appreciate - Pay rent online

Using Calonex® gives you smart capabilities your competitors don’t have. Now you can offer features tenants love, sign more quality leases, enjoy better retention and lease renewals, and more. Great options like Pay rent online.

Calonex is even great for tenants!

Calonex also has the tenant in mind. Our software makes being a tenant fair and easy. tenants that choose Calonex® as their only way to pay rent will enjoy the benefits that non – Calonex® members will be jealous of, like what you say:

  • Easy rental payments online
  • Soon you will never give out your social security number again.
  • The ability to prove to your potential Landlord you pay your rent on time.
  • The ability to rate your building
  • easy online management of adding a roommate and much more…



Pay rent online

Conveniently Pay Rent Online

Tenants don’t like the hassle of having to deliver or mail a check or money order. They would rather pay their rent online. Calonex® lets you accept online payments easily with seamless reliability. Plus you can have late fees automatically applied.

This is ideal for today’s world where safety is a prime concern for both landlord and tenants. Paying online makes the most sense.

Fast Access to Leases and Important Documents

Be able to answer tenant questions from anywhere. Calonex® lets you store leases and documents securely in the cloud. Access at any time with just a few clicks on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Get Calonex® today! The easy to use platform for more successful management of rental properties.

Pay rent online