Calonex Tenant Screening Provides a Much Clearer Picture - Fast at Your Fingertips

Now you can get a clear picture of an applicant’s rental, financial, and work history. We deliver an easy to understand report direct to your phone. Make an accurate decision right away to secure great new tenants while spotting problems with applicants who could present challenges in the future.

This gives you greater profits while reducing time consuming, expensive problems. Calonex Tenant Screening gives you the improved analysis you need for better decisions in far less time.

Calonex reports speed you through your day to get more accomplished with less work. Instead of checking multiple credit bureaus, calling a tenant’s past landlords, waiting for people to get back to you, then studying all the data to make a wise decision – you receive everything you need in a concise Calonex Tenant Screening report. It reveals all the important factors you want for an accurate, immediate decision.

  • See where an applicant has failed to pay rent on time, defaulted, or abandoned a property.
  • See legal actions that were taken to collect, evictions, and more.
  • Find out when applicants don’t get their deposit back due to damage to the property or other problems.

You get a Calonex Score that goes much deeper than credit scores. It lets you see at a glance how well an applicant would perform as your tenant.

There may also be tenants who had a problem in the past, but have more recently improved their situation to become excellent tenants. A simple credit score might make these applicants look like a poor bet.

But a more accurate Calonex Score will show how they have, in recent years, become a great tenant worthy of your consideration. You won’t turn down an excellent applicant because you don’t have enough information.

Instantly make wise, accurate decisions that let you accept great tenants while avoiding problem individuals and situations.

And because you are receiving this information right away as opposed to waiting days, you can sign up positive applicants immediately while they are most interested in approving a contract.

The ability to move quickly to sign an applicant prevents them from looking at competing properties, becoming discouraged, or losing interest.

Calonex Tenant Screening lets you sign more great tenants in less time with far less work. Keep your properties filled at full capacity for maximum income.

Calonex is the smart software platform designed from the ground up to assist the small real estate owner or investor. It is ideal for anyone who owns one rental property or several. This is the cutting-edge complete system you need for more efficient, less time consuming, higher quality management.

Take your rental business to the next level with Calonex Tenant Screening. It’s the most complete screening report sent directly to your phone. Make decisions fast with fewer errors and unanswered questions.

Get started with Calonex now to receive these smart advantages. Calonex makes you more competitive with greater tenant satisfaction and higher revenues. It’s the big advantage you need to make your rental properties the big earners you want to reach your goals.